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E-commerce Website (Wingroad)

Completed as a University project, with improvements made after submission. Used TailwindCSS and Handlebars.js for frontend, Koa.js for the backend, and Ava for unit testing. Sellers create listings for their products; buyers view the product listings and can contact the seller. SQLite3 with users' email and password for authentication, with care taken to prevent SQL injections.

Minecraft & Discord Chatbot

Used Django in Python, Discord API and Minecraft Pi edition to create a chatbot that can recognise and respond to queries in the official Minecraft game as well as on Discord. The chatbot was hosted on a server which allowed it to be used on multiple clients simultaneously. By using Agile methodology the project was completed on time and up to requirements. I created the Minecraft API using Django and obtained data for the API using BeautifulSoup on Python.

WordPress Content Viewer App

Completed in a group as a hackathon project. React Native was used to create the app which allows the content of WordPress websites to be viewable on mobile, allowing the customisation of the viewer to suit the user's needs in a UI and UX focused way. I implemented the UI with a focus on functionality and UX using React Native.

To-do List

Created using PHP. Uses a MySQL database for storing todos. REST API created using PHP, with CRUD operations. Website styled using TailwindCSS. Purpose of this project was to familiarise myself with PHP and understand how to create a REST API in PHP.

Blog Posts

How to get YouTube video transcripts with Python

January 14, 20223 min read

When doing some research I found myself skipping back and forth a YouTube video, and with YouTube's transcript menu being terrible, I thought why don't I get the transcript myself instead? So that's exactly what I did.

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